3 Reasons Why You Should Attend Key Travel Trade Shows and Events *

Trade shows and industry events are where hoteliers can go to network, learn about the latest industry resources and receive the latest news, updates and developments for their niche sector of the travel market.

If you are a B&B operator, you should make it a point to attend several travel events and trade shows throughout the year. B&B shows and hotel events, in particular, are beneficial as they provide hoteliers with the most relevant information and resources.

Here are three reasons to consider attending trade shows this year:

Develop and improve your industry presence

It helps you develop brand awareness and improve your recognition in the industry. Most of the people who attend travel industry trade shows are involved in the industry in some way, whether they are agents, distributors, tour operators, or hoteliers. When you make it a point to attend or participate in B&B shows, you are able to showcase your brand and improve your recognition amongst a variety of industry professionals.

By raising awareness about your brand within the travel industry, you will be able to acquire more bookings through your distribution network. It’s important to remember that other businesses in the travel industry are not necessarily your direct competitors, but rather partners that you can use to develop your brand identity around the globe.

Boost your B&B’s bookings

It allows you to network with other individuals who can help you boost your bookings. Depending on the travel and hotel events that you attend, you will have access to a diverse range of people within the industry as well as travelers who are simply interested in booking their next trip.

At B&B shows, for example, you may network with distributors and travel agents who will relay information about your brand to their clients who might be interested in a location just like yours for their next trip.

At travel events, you may encounter interested travelers who are looking for a local place with charm and atmosphere to stay. It’s an easy way to increase your bookings across the board.

Conduct valuable market research

It’s an ideal place to conduct market testing and complete research on new products, packages and services you may be considering. Perhaps you are considering offering a new experience at your property.

Create promotional products and marketing materials for this new experience to distribute at the trade shows. In addition, you may want to offer a discount or promo code to see if it helps entice people to book with you and add this experience to their package.

This is a simple and cost-effective way to conduct market research, and you can determine whether it will be worthwhile to implement this experience at your hotel in the future.

Trade shows and events can be a valuable component to your overall marketing strategy, as they allow you to increase your exposure and improve your brand recognition in the industry.

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