4 Types Of Guests Will Stay At Your Bed & Breakfast *

Each of your Bed & Breakfast guests is unique and will have their own reason to visit your area.  People travel for many reasons, though there are certain common guest types that you may be called upon to host at your property.  Can you name the different traveler types that we will be discussing in this article?

These are the four most common types of Bed & Breakfast guests that you may have visit your property.  Fortunately, it’s easy to market to each group.


Leisure Travelers


In most cases the majority of your Bed & Breakfast guests will be leisure travelers.  You may have couples booking their honeymoon stay, families hoping to enjoy a special holiday get-away, or seniors simply seeking a charming setting to relax and explore a new destination.

Your Bed & Breakfast could also be bursting with guests visiting to enjoy what your unique destination has to offer.

It’s easy to entice leisure travelers to book their stay with you by offering local resources and convenient services to help them plan their stay.  Many of your guests can’t wait to explore your area during their stay, likely going to be bursting with guests who are visiting for pure pleasure. Offering local resources and convenient services will help entice leisure travelers to book with you, as they are likely going to want to explore the area during their stay. Here are some more insights on leisure travelers.


Business Travelers


Corporate meetings, conferences, trade shows and sales calls can all bring business travelers to your area.  They are a particularly lucrative market segment because they are motivated by convenience and are less price driven in their lodging choice.

They are easily attracted by offering the amenities which are especially attractive to them.  By offering extras such as complimentary transportation services and free wi-fi, you may see an influx of goal-oriented business travelers who are willing to pay more for efficiency. For more information on the habits of business travellers, read this article.

Solo Travelers


Bed & Breakfast accommodations are often preferred by solo travelers because B&B’s offer a welcome refuge from the stress of independent travel.

Millennials are frequent solo travelers who enjoy tech-savvy amenities, such as mobile apps and charging stations.  They also appreciate common areas where they can meet others during their stay. Solo travelers are very price conscious, they want budget accommodation and are willing to sacrifice luxury for a great deal.

To attract solo travelers, create packages with other local businesses to provide them with the discounts they crave and the experience they desire.  Here are some more tips on attracting solo travelers.


Group Travelers


Group travelers gravitate to Bed and Breakfasts because they offer a local experience combined with an intimate location where their entire group can gather at the end of the night.  Family reunions, religious organizations, volunteer groups and students often select B&Bs for their accommodation during their getaway.

Often group travelers are looking for discounted rates.  Their next priority is a convenient location that allows them to access nearby shopping, dining and attractions.  They also enjoy creature comforts, such as afternoon treats and peaceful common areas where they can unwind from their travels.  Use these tactics to boost your group bookings.


Diversify Your Marketing Strategy


Experiencing the different traveler types at your Bed & Breakfast keeps every day interesting for you. Attracting a diverse range of B&B guests is not only an enjoyable part of the job, but it’s also an important part of developing your brand and increasing your bookings. Be sure to create a marketing strategy that targets different traveler market segments, so that you can boost your brand recognition worldwide.


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