5 Sure Signs of Spring in Asheville NC

When the weather is favorable, there are so many great places and things to see in the greater Asheville area. How do we know that spring is coming? Here are 5 sure signs of spring in Asheville NC!

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The Temps Are Inching Upward:

We are starting to see more days with highs in the 50s and 60s and fewer days with frigid winter temperatures and frozen precipitation. There will probably still be some cold snaps before winter has had its final say, but lately, we’ve been at least getting a taste of what’s to come. In some places, you’ll even notice where trees and flowers have budded early because of the warm temps.

The Bears Are Back In Town (apologies to Thin Lizzy):

As temps start to warm, there will possibly be more black bear activity, especially in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The black bears here don’t exactly hibernate like other bears; rather, they spend their winters just lazing the time away mainly by sleeping. In fact, our black bears just might wake up if the weather’s nice and leave their den, so if you spot one moseying around it’s not an unusual sight!

Turkeys Are Strutting:

Between February and March, the unattached male wild turkeys aka “gobblers” or “bachelors” have joined gobbler groups (no, it’s NOT a book club!). Gobblers begin courtship of female turkeys, which includes gobbling and strutting by the males to attract females which, oddly enough, greatly resembles courtship practices by the male homo sapiens…ah, but we digress…

Flora Speaks:

Painted Trillium blooms and the appearance of Black-throated Green Warblers are some of the first signs of spring according to volunteers at Great Smoky Mountains National Park. And don’t be surprised to see Spring Beauties and Sharp-lobed Hepatica start popping up especially in lower elevations, which means that spring is literally around the corner.

Biltmore Blooms:

Yes, this is an actual event, and you can explore the Biltmore as it transforms the grounds into a blooming array of Spring color! You can also enjoy complimentary wine tastings at Biltmore’s winery as well as enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, shops, and restaurants, and of course, the beauty of Biltmore House. This event runs from April 1st through May 27th.

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