6 Ways to Manage Your Brands Online Reputation *

Recent surveys of business investments in the hospitality sector, large or small, the largest amounts of money are channeled to online reputation management.

This ranks higher than whats budgeted staff training and marketing.  Bed & Breakfasts deal directly with their online reviews.  After all, keeping negative reviews at bay needs a substantial amount of time and effort.

For those who are unfamiliar with online reputation management, here is how to accomplish your goal:

Analyze your feedback

You should never remove poor reviews.  Examine any patterns which emerge with a few reviews and work on correcting your shortcomings.  Doing this shows your customers, both loyal and potential ones, that you are committed to providing quality care and hospitality.

Taking action stops negative reviews from repeating and creates a steady flow of good reviews which will lead to more referrals. highlight the positives and use them as leverage in your marketing campaigns.


Respond to your reviews

It’s no longer sufficient to host reviews that facilitate positive  reviews and provides accurate information.  An interactive website provides credibility to the reputation of your business.  It shows your commitment to caring and working to satisfy your customers needs in every way.

Correct your mistakes and respond accordingly to those who cared enough to help you improve.  Show that you are grateful for all of your reviews, both the good and those that are critical.  Any reviews that require an explanation, clarification or an apology should get your highest priority.


Optimize your presence on these sites

Writing your profile and never updating it is not going to improve or optimize your online reputation.  As your business grows, you need to keep consumers up to date with any changes or developments.

As much as possible, add images, videos, customer reviews and accurate information on websites that deal with your field of business.  If you have any particular Unique Selling Proposition, such as being an eco friendly Bed & Breakfast or being one of the oldest properties in town, highlight it in every way possible.


Manage your social media

What goes on social media, stays there for a long time.  If possible appoint someone to handle this huge task, with this being their only responsibility.

One of the easiest ways to get publicity is through social media.  The bad news is that this attention can sway both ways.  You have to work hard to have a positive social media presence.  There are some great reputation management tools available online to help you and serve as your primary gatekeeper.


Think of your guests and provide solutions

Ensure that your guests know that they are the rock that you build your business on.  Allow your guests to benefit from doubt in case of any disagreement.  Make every attempt to work out an amicable solution.

Never involve a third party if you are offering discounts over an issues.  Ask your guests to approach you directly in order to reduce third parties from creating unnecessary bad publicity.


Communicate with people

You have to take your online presence beyond the screen and communicate with your guests as they arrive.  Personalize your social media and their experience.

Today, so much of what we do is firmly entrenched in a virtual world.  Having human connections takes you a long way toward  creating a positive online reputation!


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