7 Amazing Day Hikes Near From Hendersonville, NC

As the weather continues to warm up, it is the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy the gorgeous nature of North Carolina. There is nothing quite like a good day hike – you enjoy the colors of the day, get your blood moving, see the sights, and get to rest and reminisce in the comfort of your cozy bed after you finish!

We’ve put a list together of our favorite day hikes that are easily accessible from our inn. So strap on your hiking shoes and embark on an adventure to remember.

One of the most famous hikes in the area, Three Falls Hike is a wonderful 4.5 mile journey that takes you to, you guessed it, three different waterfalls in DuPont State Forest! Each of these waterfalls has its own personality. Triple Falls is a staircase of three waterfalls in a row. Hooker Falls has a huge pool for wading and swimming at its base, and High Falls is the largest, with a 150-foot drop over granite. Both Triple and High Falls have picnic areas that rival any in North Carolina. Pack your lunch and you can enjoy a meal with an amazing waterfall as your backdrop

About an hour west of 1898 Waverly Inn is another must-see hike that blends the beauty of earth and water: Graveyard Fields. With a 3.3 mile loop, this trail on the Blue Ridge Parkway is sure to delight. The hike includes winding through abundant wildflowers, two waterfalls, and forests of rhododendron and laurel. Pro tip: in July and August you can eat fresh wild blackberries and blueberries from the fields along the trail! 

Just 15 miles west of our inn, is Jump Off Rock, a picture-perfect overlook with some shorter hiking trails. The mysterious story behind its name is based on a legend that a Cherokee woman jumped off the rock after hearing that her true love had died in battle and that on nights where the moon is out you can see her shadow. There are three colored trails that indicate the time you’ll probably spend on the trail. Blue takes about 10 minutes, yellow takes about 14 minutes, and red takes about 25 minutes. Take one or try them all and enjoy the views of the Blue Ridge and Pisgah mountains.

For a great summit hike with epic views, head over to Bearwallow Mountain. The trail is one mile each way and climbs up 4,232 feet of elevation. Once at the top you will have beautiful panoramic views that include Hendersonville, Hickory Nut Gorge, Mount Mitchell, and Mount Pisgah. For the animal lovers out there, at the summit you will find serene cattle grazing about in the warmer months.

And if you are looking to make it just a bit of a longer hike, consider adding on the Trombatore Trail.  For a hike with a bit of American history and poetry woven in, head over to Glassy Mountain Trail, 11 minutes south of the inn. Located at the famous Carl Sandburg Home historic site, this trail is 2.6 miles roundtrip and takes you to a summit point of granite beneath you and views all around you. On a clear day, you’ll be able to see across state lines to South Carolina as well as Mount Pisgah.

There’s also Little Glassy Trail and Memminger Loop to add to the day for a longer trek! 25 minutes southeast of the inn is another wonderful waterfall-forest hybrid hike at Pearson’s Falls and Glen. There is a short .25 mile one way hike to the beautiful, cascading 90 foot waterfall. This is a great choice for those who want a shorter hike and longer time to sit and picnic, write, paint, and relax. Enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna of this area which has over 310 logged species of plants and flowers. 

For a 3.5 mile hike nearby in the Hendersonville area, head out to Oklawaha Greenway. Traversing through the Henderson County watershed, this trail includes forests, meadows, and wetlands. A luscious ecosystem, this is a popular location for birding if you want to bring your binoculars on your hike. There are also an abundance of butterflies, wildflowers, and wildlife on this beautiful parcel of land.  

Ready to pack your bags and enjoy the nature of beautiful North Carolina with some epic day hikes? Book a room at 1898 Waverly Inn for a home base that will provide you a peaceful stay in luxury. Our spot is perfect for any hiker, with a central location, friendly and informed staff, and fresh farm-to-table breakfasts to start your day right


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