A Doctor’s Prescription for Good Customer Service

I wanted to share a great post from my favorite customer service guru, Shep Hyken. 


Let Customers Tell...

Here’s another great story we can learn from. This reminds us that having a good system with good people who understand how to take care of their customers is the backbone of a good service experience.

My friend, Dr. Neil Baum, the world-renown urologist, was speaking in Las Vegas at the Wynn resort. He noticed the electronic scale in the bathroom didn’t work. He saw the housekeeper and mentioned the problem to her. Within a few minutes, there was a knock at the door and a man from engineering was there with a new scale. And, just a few minutes after the engineer left, Neil received a call from the front desk to make sure the scale was working and if there was anything else he needed. Contrary to the old saying, “What happens in Vegas stay in Vegas,” Neil states, “That’s a story that happened in Vegas, but it doesn’t have to stay there!”

So, Neil is telling everyone. And, he’s calling it a Win-Wynn. The resort wins because they created a happy guest. The guest or customer wins because of the great service. Not to mention that this guest wants to tell the world about the experience. Furthermore, Neil says any type of business, even a doctor’s office, can have a Win-Wynn.

One of Neil’s patients was a Medicare patient on a fixed income. He received a prescription for medication. The cost was several hundred dollars, and he had not yet met his insurance deductible. After a few days, he had an adverse reaction and had to discontinue the medication that he’d already paid for. Neil prescribed a different medication, but unfortunately, the patient couldn’t afford it. What did Neil do? He was able to get some samples from the pharmaceutical company. That way the patient could avoid the additional expense. He called that a Win-Wynn.

Neil says, “We are always trying to endear ourselves to our patients and help them achieve good health. Sometimes, it requires a little more effort, but in the end, it’s worth the time and energy we put forth. When we create a Win-Wynn, we feel much better knowing we’ve gone a little above what is expected for our patients.”

The system the Wynn has for dealing with guest requests and complaints works. There are quick response and follow-up. That impresses a guest. A doctor that shows some empathy and takes the time to help a patient solve a financial dilemma, that impresses a patient.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big resort, a doctor’s office – or any other type of business. When your system works, and you have competent people who make good customer-focused decisions, everybody is happy. That’s a Win-Wynn!

Shep Hyken is a customer service expert, keynote speaker, and New York Times bestselling business author. 


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