How a Facebook Messenger BOT will increase your bookings *

Today, almost everyone is on at least one social media platform.  I just look at my grandkid’s mobile habits to know that social media and mobile technology are here to stay and fully integrated into every aspect of our daily lives.

It’s no surprise that travelers are searching for faster, more personalized connections with the brands they prefer.  A recent Google report indicated that 60% of U.S. travelers would book a trip impulsively if they found a great deal on a flight or room.

Since millennial travelers are primarily motivated by their budget to book spontaneous trips, bed and breakfasts must ensure that they are prepared to accommodate these quick-thinking travelers.

The best ways to capitalize on these travelers is to make chatbots integral to your business plan.  To begin, you should consider using a chatbot on Facebook Messenger.

What is a Chatbot?


Chatbots provide you with the ability to automatically respond to interested visitors to your online presence.  Chatbots are an automated messaging technology that can be installed on various apps, including Facebook Messenger.

Chatbots provide anyone reaching out to your brand with an instantaneous response.  Bots are easily programed to provide specific information, such as your room rates and availability, your cancellation policy, or your contact information.

You have to remember that bots are still newcomers to the technological world, and some of your guests may not even realize they’re speaking with a computer and not a human.

How Should You Prepare Your Brand Prior to Installing a Chatbot?


It may be tempting to just install a chatbot.  After all, they are the latest and greatest technology that everyone in the travel industry is talking about.  However, before you enhance your Messenger app with a chatbot, you will want to take the following steps:

  • Increase your presence on social media


You need to ensure that your Facebook followers are actively engaged with your brand before you start springing new technology on them.  Post often, it’s important to share videos and photographs.  You need to interact with those who comment and like your content. That’s why it’s called ‘social media’.

  • Optimize your website


You need to make sure your site speeds are quick — everything should load within two seconds.  Prominently display your room rates and availability on your website. It’s also important to verify that you have a responsive website design in place.  Your information must be easily ‘accessible to all of your visitors’.


How Does a Chatbot Increase Your Direct Bookings?


Your chatbot serves as your 24/7 Facebook customer service representative on Facebook.  Anyone, anywhere, anytime can get the information they need about your bed & breakfast when it is convenient for them.

As a result, your direct bookings through Facebook and on your website will naturally increase. Chatbots are a powerful tool to capture travelers who are booking great deals at the last minute.

Keep in mind that your Chatbot technology should never replace actual human interaction with your guests.  It’s a great way to supplement the customer service protocols that you already have in place.  Bots can provide quick, reliable and accurate information to guests who are looking to book a room as quickly and as easily as they can.



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