Are chatbots as effective as traditional customer service? *

Traditional customer service call centers are becoming a thing of the past.  We are in an age where technology is creating a world dominated by digital interactions.  It’s 2020 and as predicted we’re having more conversations with bots then our significant other.

If you own a bed & breakfast, you are most likely an experienced people person and I’m sure that you are a strong advocate for personal interactions.

Online chat and the use of chatbots doesn’t threaten the personalization of your guest experience.  Bots are revolutionizing the way businesses communicate with their customers because they can answer a series of questions using pre-programmed responses.  This offers an automatic, quick and easy response to customers connecting digitally.

Chatbots don’t take away from your direct interaction with customers, rather they improve the customer experience by allowing you to be more attentive and available.

Although robots won’t be taking over real human interactions anytime soon, they are definitely measuring up to the reputation of traditional customer service in the bed & breakfast industry.  Here’s why…


1. Customers Don’t Realize They Are Speaking To AI


Artificial intelligence used for communication technologies have rapidly evolved.  It has become increasingly difficult to tell if you are speaking to a real person or speaking to software.  AI now acknowledges what your customer is saying as well as the context in which it is being said.

Todays chatbots aren’t mono-tonal, they now recognize and recreate informal and varying human speech patterns.  This gives them the ability to closely mimic real human speech interaction.


2. Chatbots Have Evolved and Sense Frustration


Modern chatbots are able to sense if the customer is feeling frustrated and know when to hand the conversation over to a real human to finish assisting the customer.

For example, the chatbot could have a standard response when it senses unease or can’t comprehend a question such as “Apologies, I am unable to help with this query.  Our bed & breakfast manager will contact you first thing in the morning to assist you.”


3. Technology Never Sleeps


It impossible for Bed & Breakfasts to provide amazing 24-hour customer service.  Being tied to one time zone, without the international scope of the larger hotels and chains, smaller accommodation providers just don’t have the resources.

With no need to rest or take a break, chatbots never leave your customer waiting for a response.


4. Chatbots Are Trained For Personalization


Chatbots are terrific at creating brand loyalty.  They’re designed with the ability to draw customer data quickly from the platform they are operating on.  For example, they can appear human through welcoming the customer back if they have contacted the bed & breakfast before, and addressing the customer by their first name.

Chatbots also have all the time in the world. There is no frustration when a customer is taking too long, rather an endless level of patience and a polite demeanor when dealing with questions and queries.


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