Are you closely monitoring your B&B’s social media feedback? *

When you are running a B&B social media page, you can’t simply create a post and promptly forget about it. In fact, it’s the minutes and hours following a social post that are the most important for your business.

You need to continually monitor all posts and evaluate the likes, shares and comments you receive, across all social media platforms.

The main social media sites you should be using are Facebook and Twitter, as well as Instagram.

This data will give you insight into what you’re doing right, and what you are doing wrong.

Prompt, professional, and friendly responses are critical to developing a positive social presence, as it’s expected that you will engage in the conversation.

So, are you monitoring your B&B’s social media feedback closely enough? Here’s a few reasons why you should take a harder look:

Quick responses can temper the flames

Unfortunately, the reality is that many people use the convenience and anonymity of social media to vent their frustrations and air their negative experiences while they travel.

Guest experience is a top priority for you and more often than not, you probably exceed the expectations of your visitors. However, there’s always going to be someone who feels slighted, and who will take to social media to share their frustrations.

When you monitor your feedback regularly, you can easily spot these comments and respond to them quickly in order to put out the fire.

Routine monitoring can highlight your biggest fans

While negative experiences can easily get posted to social media, there’s plenty of travellers who are ready and willing to share the excitement about their positive experience with your B&B. In fact, sometimes people who have never stayed at your location will share your posts or talk about the unique features that you offer.

Keeping an eye on hashtags and social analytics will help you uncover influencers who will bolster your brand. If you have regular customers start rewarding them, encourage them to leave reviews, and be active on social media.

You become less of a business and more of a person

Previously, your guests would only learn about your property through travel agents and advertisements. No connection or relationship could be formed until they stepped foot in your lobby and they were waiting to check-in.

Today, social media allows you to humanise your brand and connect with past, present and future travellers in a more personal manner. Funny posts, casual or candid responses, and heartfelt gratitude for those who stay with you all prove that you are more than just a business trying to turn a profit. Make it clear you care about your guests, and they’ll care about you. Once they do, they’ll send messages and keep in touch with friends who may enjoy the same vacation.

You can showcase your commitment to customer service

You may think that your response to a frustrated guest is designed only to appease one specific individual, but it’s actually social proof of your commitment to customer service.

Every response – whether it’s to positive feedback, negative feedback or general questions – is a reflection of the way you treat your guests. Use social media to improve that image, and always respond to your social followers in a way that is friendly, approachable, polite and professional.

The quicker you respond and the more care you take in addressing customers personally via your social media account, the better your reputation on social networks will be.

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