B and B management basics: Email marketing explained *

Email marketing is not necessarily a new marketing tactic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t revamp the way that you are using this technology. Email marketing can be a powerful and useful way to generate bookings, increase customer loyalty and engage your target market segment.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is an online marketing technique that has been used by businesses for decades now. While email has become a normal part of our everyday lives, email marketing continues to grow and change with the times. Email marketing uses automatic emails in order to promote your business, announce new discounts and request feedback from your previous guests.

How can you use it at your B&B?

Email marketing can be used in a variety of different ways at your B&B, including:

  • To offer reminders and keep your guests informed
    Your guests will want an automatic confirmation from you after they have booked their stay, and they’ll also appreciate additional information as their trip gets closer. Packing lists, information about things to do in the area and reminders about your procedures and protocols can be sent via automatic emails.
  • To make announcements regarding your brand’s growth and development
    Using your customer data, you can send out personalised emails that will meet their specific needs. You should use email marketing to announce new discounts, to provide information about your new amenities and to offer insights into the latest happenings at your B&B.
  • To stay in touch and remain engaged with past, present and future guests
    Email is a primary way of contacting your guests, and you should send out automatic emails frequently so you remain at the forefront of their mind.

Top email marketing strategies to employ

Here are a few email marketing strategies you may want to consider at your B&B:

  • A time-sensitive email strategy
    Many B&B operators do not realise that when you send a marketing email makes a huge difference in its overall success. For an email that is designed to increase bookings and revenue, consider scheduling a Monday send out. For an email designed to increase engagement on social media, perhaps opt to send it on Thursday or Friday.
  • A holiday email strategy
    Holiday emails are particularly enticing, as travellers love to get into the spirit of the season. Consider sending holiday emails that coincide with a booking promotion or discount.
  • A mobile email strategy
    Remember that most of your guests are checking their emails on their phones. Utilise a responsive design for your emails, keep them short and always include a call-to-action.

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