B&B management basics: Facebook marketing explained *

Facebook is one of the most powerful social networking sites in the world, and it’s one of the best places to promote your B&B online.

Here’s everything you need to know about marketing your B&B on Facebook.

Creating a Facebook page is free, but paid advertising increases exposure

It’s always been free to activate a Facebook account, regardless of whether you intend to use your Facebook profile for personal or professional reasons. The business pages on Facebook are still free to create, but most business owners find they can’t reach as many people as they would like simply through the free profile features.

Most B&Bs will create paid and sponsored content so that their posts become a priority item on their followers’ news feeds. This way, their advertisements show up in the most prominent locations on the platform. With paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, you can select the demographics you want to target and the time of day that you want them to see your advertisements. It is a very effective way of increasing brand exposure and boosting your bookings.

Engaging content will boost the number of followers your B&B has on Facebook

In addition to creating paid marketing campaigns on Facebook, you’ll also want to create and share engaging content that will appeal to your target markets. The best types of content to post to Facebook include:

  • Photos and videos

Facebook has almost always been a visual platform, and people love to sift through the photos and videos that are shared on the site. Beautiful sunsets, interesting details and unique guests make for great visual posts. Videos are particularly engaging, with many users taking the time to watch a compelling video that appears on their newsfeed.

  • Events

Event listings are a great way to attract new market segments to your B&B, particularly local residents who may not otherwise have a reasons to interact with your business.

  • Live feeds

Facebook Live is one of the most engaging features on the platform, and is becoming increasingly popular. Consider hosting a Facebook Live session at least once per week, showing some behind the scenes footage, showcasing staff, or any exciting activities guests are involved in.

Booking capabilities on Facebook will increase your direct reservations

When you invest in the right online booking system and property management system, you can allow your guests to book a room at your B&B directly through your Facebook page.
This simplifies the booking process and encourages guests to book quickly after discovering your brand.

With more than one billion users around the world, Facebook is easily one of the most popular social platforms for people of all ages. Whether your B&B appeals to Millennials who are looking for authentic experiences or your guests are retired couples looking for a quiet place to enjoy the weekend, you are sure to find your audience participating on Facebook.

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