Christmas at The Yellow House Bed & Breakfast *

This year at The Yellow House, we wanted to do something special for the guests who were spending Christmas with us. We weren’t sure what to do, so one of our colleagues challenged us with a question: if we imagined our guests waking up at the inn on Christmas morning, what is an experience that we could provide that would surprise and delight our guests? Our solution – a gift to open!

We have these amazing fireplaces in the main common area of the inn with these gorgeous mantels, and they were completely decked out for the holiday.

We loved the idea of stockings, so we settled on having stocking for each room with some surprises and treats, just to make Christmas morning even more special. We worked with the Turquoise Elephant Boutique to have some Christmas stockings monogrammed with the name of each guest room, and hung them from the mantel. Then on Christmas morning we got up even earlier than normal, filled each stocking, and placed them under the tree.

We were delighted to see the reaction when guests came to breakfast and we told them to look under the tree for their stocking. It was also interesting to see how eager everyone – ESPECIALLY the adults – were to unpack their stocking!

Wishing you all had a great holiday!

Chad and Josh


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