Create a consistent social media strategy for your B and B P

Your social profiles for your B&B need to be run much differently to your personal accounts.

While you may decide in the moment what photo to share on Facebook and what Instagram filter to use for your personal feeds, you need to develop a consistent social media strategy for your B&B. This is the only way to maintain consistent traffic levels on your pages and to encourage guest engagement with your brand, to deliver direct bookings.

Here’s how you can develop the best B&B social media strategy for your property:

  • Create a social voice for your brand

Developing a consistent voice that you use throughout all your social posts and updates will help your guests relate to your brand and understand your goals. If you are a luxury B&B, you may want to consider a more professional, sophisticated tone of voice.

If you are a B&B with a warm and cosy atmosphere, you may want to create a voice that is family-oriented, welcoming and sometimes humorous.

  • Develop a hashtag for your B&B

Hashtags are used on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to organise posts and to keep all content related to one specific topic in one place. You need to have a hashtag that you use for all of your B&B social media posts. This helps you generate buzz about your brand, and also can be used by your guests when they post about their stays on their own personal profiles.

  • Publish a style and formatting guide for your staff to use

Anyone on your staff who posts to your social pages should stay consistent with the style guide that you create. You may want to limit your posts to one or two sentences, or you may want to mandate that three hashtags are used in every post.

Make sure that you design a social media style guide that can easily be followed and implemented by your entire staff.

  • Schedule your posts to optimise engagement

On each platform, there are specific times of day that are more powerful than others. Make it a point to identify when is the best time to post about specific topics, such as new amenities or discounts that are available. Then, schedule your posts so that you maximise your brand exposure.

  • Respond promptly and professionally to your guests

Travellers use social media to learn more about the places they want to visit, and to connect with their favorite brands on a personal level. Your past, present and future guests will expect you to respond if they ask a question, leave a positive review or offer constructive criticism.

Every follower who interacts with your brand on social media deserves a swift, polite and professional response.

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