Discovering The Latest Trends In B&B Guest Entertainment P

Today’s travelers are becoming more and more digitally inclined. Guests are now checking-in with their own technologies such as tablets, iPads, laptops and mobile devices. Due to the growing partnership between guest technology and entertainment, customers want to know that when they are in their room at your B&B they can enjoy the technology they’re used to.

B&Bs need to be more aware of the devices their customers are using and work with this disruptive technology to formulate their ideal entertainment strategy.

Sometimes it may seem hard to keep up with the latest in technology, especially when things are always moving so fast. Fortunately, there are some trends that are here to stay, that offer a high ROI, improve your customer satisfaction, and will attract more guests.

In-Room Entertainment

Travelers once saw their trips as a treat in themselves, and guests were excited by their room simply because it was a night away from home. Now, guests have grown tired of the outdated bedside radio, clock and the television. They want to enjoy the same, if not better, technology than what they do at home.

If you refuse to acknowledge in-room entertainment is changing, and continue providing guests with outdated technology then you risk becoming disconnected from your customer.

Here are the two key technologies in the guest entertainment technology space…

1. Device Integration And Smart TVs

Customers are now checking-in with two or maybe three devices per person, and 44% of guests are streaming media on their own device, a number that grows to 52% for Generation X and 62% for millennials. And the good news attached to these statistics is that a third are willing to pay more for this!

There is a lot of technology out there that allows devices to join the in-room TV. This means that guests can have the option view their own personal content such as Netflix, movies, photos and music.

Here are some of the top examples:

  • Apple TV ($150-200)
  • Roku ($50-130)
  • Amazon Fire TV ($50-140)
  • Chromecast ($35 or less)

If you’re a small property then the cost of having one of these installed in each room will not be too high.

2. Wi-Fi Network

Gone are the days of properties charging large rates to use the slow and tedious internet on the one and only computer in the shared office. Not only is this a terrible user experience, but considering 90% of business travelers require Wi-Fi access in their rooms and a third would not return to a hotel that did not meet this expectation, it will also deter any guests that might be traveling for business.

Access to Wi-Fi is considered to be the most important aspect of guest entertainment. Wi-Fi needs to be high speed and free, the pay per use model is basically gone.

Travelers are planning their own activities and are self reliant, they want to research restaurants, tourist sites and build their own experiences from their own device, giving them Wi-Fi means you are giving them the tools to do so.

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