Get Away for a Digital Detox

This fast-paced and high tech world is pretty great. Despite this greatness, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Technology has helped us connect with more people than ever before. It has made our everyday lives increasingly efficient. From vacuums that operate themselves to TV’s that connect to the internet. Digital technology can be pretty cool. Engaging with people on social networks, video chats and having the latest, up to the minute news and information at our fingertips has become the norm. While you can’t debate the wonderful benefits that have come from this technology revolution, there can also be quite a few drawbacks. Just as you would take a vacation for a break from everyday stressors, a digital detox getaway every now and then is helpful to keep yourself from feeling too drained by the endless flow of digital demands. Being connected 24/7 with all of our smartphones, tablets, computers and even video games can take a toll on a person. The buzz of notifications from this or that social network, and apps that push the latest and greatest deal or hot must-have item is enough to make anyone feel weary. Or, just having your smartphone perpetually chiming from an eternal flow of emails from work, voicemails and even text messages can make your head spin. If you’ve got this going on during your vacation, you’ll never fully recharge yourself and be ready to take on the world upon returning. It may be time for you and your family to embark on a digital detox getaway.

Nestled in the beautiful mountain valleys just outside of Durango, Blue Lake Ranch is a wonderful place to indulge on a digital detox getaway. With 200 secluded acres to enjoy, guests at Blue Lake Ranch have no trouble unplugging and revitalizing for a couple of days. How could you not feel completely refreshed after staying in the inspiring shadow of the La Plata Mountains? The natural surroundings of Blue Lake Ranch, snow-covered valley, luxurious accommodations with private decks and the sound of a roaring fire instead of a ringing cell phone will feed a frayed soul. Outside of our beautiful property, Durango and the surrounding area offers many great activities that are perfect for those in need of a digital detox.

For total relaxation, the Trimble Hot Springs will perfectly accent your stay at Blue Lake Ranch. Swim, soak and relax or indulge in spa services that are best enjoyed “unplugged.” Shopping in the Durango area will also soothe your soul. Forget the crowds while you peruse southwestern style shops in town. Experience art galleries full of southwestern beauty without ever having to respond to an email. You can experience digital detox at its finest in secluded southwestern Colorado. Literally feed your soul with incredible dining options in town as well as Blue Lake Ranch’s very own gourmet southwest inspired breakfast buffet. You’ll be tempted to post a photo of your meal on Instagram, but you’ll have to wait until your digital detox has ended. So go ahead. Ditch the digital for a while and switch those phones “Off”. Leave the laptop at home and keep the tablet in the car. You will be plenty busy with a mental recharge in southern Colorado at Blue Lake Ranch. What are you waiting for? Plan your digital detox getaway now.

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