Great Content is the Easiest Way to Promote Your Blog *

How Great Content Gives Your Blog Credibility


When it comes to blogging not all ‘great content’ is equal in drawing attention to your blog.  If you examine  your niche, you will see many high quality blog posts that are largely ignored.  Meanwhile a blog post that is barely average posts goes wildly viral.

Creating ‘Viral’ content is a very elusive thing for bloggers.  Having a post go viral is what every blogger dreams about.  However few manage to achieve this level of success.

The key to creating viral content is often simply luck.  It can be just having the right person read it at the right time.  Their sharing and linking can send it to the top of every social media site.  However, sometimes having content go viral is the result of good research, creative thinking, clever writing and having the right people to promote it.

I can’t teach you how to write content that will go viral because it can happen so many ways.  However I will give you one tip that helps me a lot every time that I do it.




Analyze Others Blogging Success


Take the time to analyze the types of posts that are going viral in your niche.  All you have to do is examine what’s ‘hot’ on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.

I regularly learn a lot when I spend time on these sites.  It’s an easy matter to simply look at what’s most popular on them.

  • Why are these posts doing so well? 
  • Is there something I can learn from them? 
  • How can I use these principles in my own writing?


Pay attention to the titles used on the social media sites.  You can use CoSchedule’s FREE Headline Analyzer to check out any title.  This is a great tool to analyze every headline and title you write to see how well it will perform.  The headline for this blog post scored a 74.

You should also click through and visit the content itself.  Try and analyze what you read and why it has been so successful.  Why is the content resonating with it’s reader?  Why are they sharing it?.


My Headline Score is 74 and shows the Word Balance of the headline

How are the headers, titles, and posts presented?  How are they written?  What are the topics covered?  How long are the posts?  What is the posts intended audience?

Don’t just analyze and copy it.  You need to absorb the principles that others are usingand adapt them to your own writing.


Share Your Viral Content Examples


In closing, I’d like to have you share your own examples of ‘viral content’.  It doesn’t matter if they are posts that have succeeded on your own blog or posts you’ve seen others do well with.  Tell us about these posts and what inspired you about them.


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