How Can Your B&B Capitalize On ‘M-commerce’ Trends In Travel *

M-commerce describes the buying and selling of goods and services through wireless devices such as mobile phone and tablets.

You need only walk down the streets of Sydney or London to see how popular mobile devices have become. But to help portray the growing power of m-commerce, consider the following:

  • More than half of travel bookings in the U.S. involve either mobile or multiple devices.
  • 148.3 million travel bookings are made on the internet each year, worldwide
  • By 2020 m-commerce is set to reach 45% of the total U.S e-commerce market

With these kind of findings there’s no denying that utilizing m-commerce trends will help your B&B increase bookings and revenue, now and into the future.

Here are key m-commerce trends your B&B should be capitalizing on…

1. Mobile-Friendly Websites

These days customers expect your B&B to have an attractive, mobile-friendly website where they can browse and, if they desire, book direct in a couple of clicks.

With smartphone bookings predicted to surge over the coming years, particularity last minute bookings, you must ensure you are offering this seamless customer experience to efficiently convert traffic from your website.

2. More Money Will be Spent On Guest Experience

A recent study by Criteo explains how the human motivation to shop can be divided into two factors:


Buying to live. This includes things like basic food, shoes, housing.


Buying for fun. This includes items like chocolate, brand sneakers, luxury accommodation.Travel consumers are usually motivated to spend money on hedonic items because these make them feel pleasure and enjoyment.

Mobile shopping is generally viewed as hedonistic. In a study by Invespcro customers shopping on mobile devices tended to spend twice as much!

B&Bs can benefit from these findings by ensuring their website is offering something special to guests. They can do this with high definition images, blogging about benefits of their area and offering great extras and packages through their direct booking technology.

3. A Demand For Brand Connection

Mobile devices are becoming more of an emotional possession, rather than just a device to make calls.

Because of this significant shift in value, B&Bs can find success in building relationships with their customers by communicating with them frequently and personally.

This doesn’t mean calling them everyday to ask what they’re up to! Rather, you should nurture your contacts by communicating directly through email campaigning or indirectly through social media. Just as long as you are appearing on their mobile devices regularly.

Pro tip: 60% of mobile purchasers say they often discover products and services to buy on social platforms. So ensure your Facebook account is able to take direct bookings.

4. Mobile App Shopping Is Increasing

According to Econsultancy, travel advertisers are seeing a surge of bookings made from apps.

Direct app payments or pre-paid accounts will account for a massive 59% of m-commerce transactions in 2017.

Your B&B may not have the budget for a mobile application but big online booking sites do.

Allow your B&B to appeal to this market and increase same day bookings by managing your channels to ensure you are connecting to the right OTAs.

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