How do you market your B&B (and is it the right strategy)? *

When it comes to promoting your B&B, it’s easy to get comfortable with the same tricks and ideas that you’ve used time and time again. When something is working — or at least working well enough — you may not be motivated to switch it up.

However, is your tried-and-true marketing strategy that right one for your B&B property? Now is a great time to evaluate your marketing campaigns and possibly implement some new ideas that could generate additional bookings for your property.

Here’s a few useful tips to consider:

Add details in every marketing campaign

Generic promotions should be left to the large corporate chains who can’t promise anything unique or out of the ordinary. As a B&B, make your property stand out by showcasing the little details you can offer your guests.

A social post that showcases a photograph of your library should include a steaming cup of coffee and a plate of warm cookies, which can be made upon request. A website image of one of your rooms should include fresh flowers on the table and a bottle of wine chilling in the sitting area.

Tell your guests why your property is different

It’s easy to rely on the cliche phrase “We go above and beyond for our guests.” Of course you do — you’re an innkeeper who prefers to personalise the experience. Rather than stating the obvious, make your words count and describe what you offer your guests that other properties do not. Describe the meals you make, the upgrades that are available and the additional packages that you offer.

Offer insight into the guest experience without unveiling the entire curtain

Travellers today love to know what they are going to enjoy before they even book a room at your property, and it’s important to offer visual and social proof of the customer experience at your B&B. However, there’s something to be said for surprises. Always leave a little something out of your marketing materials so your guests will be pleasantly surprised once they arrive. This will likely generate positive feedback about your brand, particularly with online reviews.

Use testimonials to your advantage

Don’t force your prospective guests to search for reviews for your brand. Make it easy for them to find the best and most reliable feedback about your B&B. You can use a TripAdvisor widget to showcase your reviews on your website, and you can create a testimonials landing page for your site visitors to browse at their own convenience.

Stepping out of your marketing comfort zone can be intimidating, but it’s well worth the effort to try something new. An innovative twist on an existing marketing campaign or a new strategy entirely can drive bookings from groups of travelers who might not have otherwise discovered your B&B.

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