How email marketing boosts your Bed & Breakfast bookings *

Email continues to be the Marketing King, acting as a consistent and strong driver, building your websites traffic, engagement and bookings.  

Somehow, even though you intuitively know you should be using it more, email blasts seem more appropriate to laptop sales or e-course launches than for your Bed & Breakfast marketing.

Are you wondering, ‘What am I missing here?’, if so you’re not alone.  Bed & Breakfast marketing is becoming more challenging with the competition from major global players in the field.

Developing a strong Digital Marketing Strategy for your Bed & Breakfast is a very difficult proposition.  If you’ve put it off for these reasons, take a deep breath and reassess your strategy.  Here’s how you can successfully put email marketing to work for your Bed & Breakfast.


Be careful with images


Avoid the urge to include lots of lovely pictures of your rooms, pool and breakfast area.  Obviously you want to draw guests to you with images of the vacation they crave.

Be careful.  Image heavy emails can fall victim of spam filters.  If you do include images, make sure they have plenty of engaging text to back them up.  

If you don’t want to head straight to the spam folder, include great copy that tells readers all about those pictures.  

Otherwise, you’re just an inbox Instagram account, and that won’t get you very far – the reader will probably never see your message.


Keep guests updated with witty subject lines


We’ve all had that feeling, realizing that someone shouldn’t be in your inbox anymore.  You don’t want to be the spammy emailer who gets unsubscribed.  

So, it’s important for your emails subject lines to be subtle, eye-catching, and fun.  Yes, it’s OK to give them a weather update, what’s happening in the area, and your current deals.  Just don’t make them feel like you’re beating it into their head.

Instead, try to use clever subject lines to reel them in. Want to tell them all about summer activities?  Your subject line shouldn’t be “Summer Activities at Lake Washington” unless you’re hoping to help them sleep.  Then be unsubscribed when they waken.

You need to be more creative in your approach.  Try something like “Time to Break Out That Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow … Well, You Get Where We’re Going with This.”

Your subject lines should be written to address feelings more than facts.  Don’t be afraid to use longer subject lines, either.  They’re your announcement to the recipient and most email providers today will show them completely.

Just remember, the reason for your email is to engage the recipient.  It’s not about selling something or marketing.

Use simple software


Tracking your email marketing is difficult unless you choose a software program that can help you.  Don’t wing it, choose an email marketing program that helps you track your opens and click throughs, easily duplicate blasts and modify them without fuss.

Once you get more comfortable sending emails, you can begin to track consumer behaviour with more complicated funnels and automations.  

Understanding which guests book at which times, how they behave during times such as the Christmas holidays, and what deals generate the best responses will help you keep rooms full in future as well.

More than anything else, though, be courageous!  It’s hard to take email marketing seriously, both time and confidence-wise, but don’t be afraid. Your guests will love you for well-timed, helpful emails, so put a smart marketing plan in place and get going today.


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