How Technology Can Attract New Bed & Breakfast Guests *

Developing an effective bed & breakfast digital marketing strategy is a complex process.  Lodging providers often balance the benefits of their online marketing strategy with the components of traditional marketing.  If you want to properly promote your B & B and attract new guests, you need to identify your specific target markets and create a conversation.

Does your business model constantly reassess and adapt to new trends that could help you increase your guest acquisition?


How Can Technology Help Your Bed & Breakfast?

The appropriate lodging technology can be pivotal to your guest acquisition.  Technology allows you to identify new audiences to promote your property to, but it also increases your presence among the most motivated travelers.

You need to invest in a property management system that offers you access to a channel manager system.  A channel manager allows you to implement a distribution strategy that connects you with a diverse range of agents and provides real-time availability information.

A property management system with it’s own online booking engine allows you to accept many types of bookings from diverse sources.

Co-ordinating direct bookings from your website, mobile bookings, social media bookings other booking platforms is possible with the right property management system.  By accepting every type of booking, you have access to an unlimited number of guests from different demographic groups and geographical areas.


What Types of Guests Can Technology Attract?

Lodging technology allows you to attract the most powerful and motivated guests in the travel industry.

You are better able to promote your property and your available rooms to these demographics:

  • Millennials
    Millennials rely on technology for information about specific lodging and ultimately book their stay.  Millennials are spontaneous travelers who rely on their mobile devices to discover and book great last-minute deals on upcoming getaways.
  • Business Travelers
    Business travelers use technology to research the best deals available and they want to be able to quickly and efficiently book their stay at your property.
  • Local Residents
    The right hotel technology can help you uncover incremental distribution channels, which give you access to unique markets and demographics. Local residents are often able to be reached through these channels, which are difficult to connect with if you do not have the right property management system.

Tips for Using Technology to Increase Global Connections

  • Use your technology to create an effective SEO plan. Search engine optimization allows you to increase your visibility online among your target audiences. Use multilingual SEO to promote your property to an international audience.  Note that people from different countries may use search engines differently, so you will want to research keyword phrases that are commonly used in the region you are hoping to target.
  • Create a mobile app for your specific property that offers convenient services. Your mobile app might provide guests with the ability to order room service or check-in remotely. Promote your app and include it in your marketing campaigns to improve guest acquisition rates.
  • Develop a global social media strategy.  Social media is becoming increasingly important in the guest online booking journey.  More than 50% of travel brands report that their guests book via social networking sites, proving it is important to have an effective and powerful social media strategy 
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