How Technology Can Keep Your Bed & Breakfast Relevant *

One of the earliest adopters of computers was the travel industry.  So, it’s not surprising that they are still dependent on new technology, using it for booking guests hotels, tours, transportation, and activities.

While large hospitality chains have the resources allowing them to frequently update their technology and adopt new, innovative features, many Bed & Breakfast owners feel like it’s impossible to keep up.

However, there is a lot of Bed & Breakfast technology that can help you compete with the larger hotels while also improving your guest experience.

Here are a few tips for developing Bed & Business strategies that allow you to take advantage of the latest technology:


Invest in Technology Specifically for Bed & Breakfasts


Not all available technology is equal in value.  An online booking system that works for a large hotel chain will not be as effective or as efficient for your Bed & Breakfast.

Instead, invest in an online booking solution designed specifically for Bed & Breakfast properties.  It will have the booking features you need to run your intimate location that attracts a niche group of travelers.  

Don’t forget to find an online booking system that also includes a property management system as well as a channel manager.  This allows you to make the most of your available technology, and grow your bed & breakfast bookings.  It gives you a chance to implement all of your Bed & Breakfast strategies in one convenient location.


Utilize Channel Management Technology


The simplest way to implement your distribution strategy is by using a channel manager.  Using a channel manager, you can broadcast your live availability to all of your online agents at one time.

An effective channel manager, minimizes your risk of overbooking your rooms while also maximizing your ability to reach out to travelers in every segment of the market.


Offer Wifi and Digital Meeting Spaces


Wifi is no longer a luxury for travelers, today it’s a necessity. You must offer free, high-speed wifi connection in your Bed & Breakfast.  This helps you attract tech-savvy travelers who always have their favorite mobile devices with them.

Leisure travelers are not the only guests with their smartphones on-hand, business travelers require internet access for much of their work.

Your guests should be able to connect their devices to Wi-Fi no matter where they are on your property.  Providing this technology will increase your business traveler bookings.

Bed & Breakfast wireless technology will continue to evolve and it’s important to stay informed and current with new technology.  Your B&B’s strategy should allow you to stay relevant and useful to current travelers while also giving you the opportunity to be forward-thinking.


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