How to attract more B&B guests to your region using destination marketing *

One of the most powerful traveller review sites in the world has spoken, and the top destinations for 2018 have been revealed. According to TripAdvisor users, some of the best places to visit this year include Paris, London, Bali, Prague and New York City.

Perhaps you operate a B&B on the beaches of Bali, or maybe you have a quaint boutique hotel that is within walking distance of New York’s Central Park. If so, this is your lucky year – as experts predict an influx of travellers heading to your destination.

Did your destination get left off the list? No need to worry. These destination marketing techniques will help you increase the number of guests visiting your region:

Work with local tourism businesses to identify a target market

A destination marketing strategy is a group effort, and you need to work with other travel leaders in your area in order to successfully launch a campaign. As you work with other business leaders and travel experts, you will want to identify the target market that will be most likely to visit your destination.

Does your destination offer plenty of adventurous activities that would appeal to young adults and solo travellers? Or does your destination offer a range of family-fun for those with young children?

Figure out who is most likely to travel to your area, and focus all of your destination marketing efforts on that powerful segment.

Create marketing materials that promote the uniqueness of your destination

Once you know who you need to be promoting your destination to, you need to start creating materials to raise awareness and generate buzz.

Whether you are launching a social campaign on Facebook and Instagram, or you are buying TV ads in specific markets around the world, you’ll want to make sure that your marketing materials motivate people to visit your destination.

This means you have to showcase what is unique about your area — you need to prove that they should come visit your region versus another that might be similar.

Track the results of the destination marketing campaign

After you have released the marketing materials and the campaign is in full swing, you need to begin collecting data and evaluating metrics in order to see if your campaign has been successful.

By tracking the results of the campaign, you can understand what works and what doesn’t.

You can continue to tweak the marketing materials and work toward increasing the number of visitors who come to your destination each year.

Ultimately, your destination marketing campaign needs to be a living entity that is constantly being improved in order to get the best results possible.
When done right, destination marketing has proven to be a very effective way of increasing interest in a specific area and boosting the number of tourists who visit the region.

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