How to capitalise on destination marketing at your B&B *

Rather than focusing solely on your B&B marketing strategy, you may want to consider working with other local tourism businesses to create a destination marketing campaign.

Destination marketing can generate buzz about your region and bring an influx of travellers that would not have otherwise visited your destination. Ultimately, it can boost B&B bookings at your property.

So, how can you capitalise on destination marketing at your B&B? First, you need to understand what it is. Then, you need to know how to make the most of these innovative marketing campaigns.

What is destination marketing?

A destination marketing campaign is generally a collaborative effort among travel business owners and travel industry leaders in a given region. The goal of this type of marketing strategy is to promote the region as a whole to a common target audience.

A destination marketing strategy will use promotional materials to highlight the unique aspects of the destination and offer insight into what a traveller could experience once they arrive.

The purpose of any destination marketing strategy is to increase the number of travellers who visit the destination and to raise awareness about the local tourism industry in the region.

What can you do at your B&B to promote your destination?

There are three major actions you can take to market your destination. They include:

  • Publish blogs providing valuable information about the destination

While you likely devote a lot of your content to describing the rooms, amenities and features of your B&B, you also know that you need to create fresh, informative content on a regular basis. Only this way will you stay relevant in the search results.

Consider devoting several blog posts a month to the destination as a whole. You could discuss historical points of interest in the area, or provide an in-depth look at the local neighborhoods that people may want to visit. These types of posts will help you establish authority while simultaneously promoting your region as a whole.

  • Create a local guide that guests can access from your mobile app

The local guide could provide information about nearby restaurants, attractions, tours and activities. Your guests will appreciate the fact that you offer a convenient local resource, and the entire destination will benefit from travellers getting out and exploring the area.

  • Offer packages allowing guests to enjoy authentic local experiences

This gives you an opportunity to form partnerships with nearby tourism businesses, such as tour guides or instructors. For instance, guests could book a stay-and-play package where they receive discount tickets to a nearby family-friendly attraction.

You also might want to consider a live and learn package where guests receive personalised cooking lessons from a local cook who specialises in regional delicacies.

Destination marketing requires you to be a team player with people and businesses that you might otherwise view as the competition. However, when you all work together to reach a common goal, you will find that everyone benefits.

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