How to Capture Travelers in Their Moments of Travel Planning *

Today’s modern travelers are tech-savvy individuals who believe that to get better deals, they need to do their own research and booking their room at a Bed & Breakfast directly online.  For most, their trip planning process occurs online.  Either on a desktop or more frequently now on mobile devices.  Google has identified the process that a traveler goes through to create their travel plans.

Google identifies it as their booking journey, and there are key moments that Bed & Breakfast operators have to be aware of if they hope to capture the attention of their target audience and increase their direct bookings.


Moments of Inspiration


Travelers can be inspired to search for their next trip at any moment that they are online.  An engaging image on a friend’s Instagram page can motivate a traveler to head to Google to begin making plans for their next getaway.

This inspiration moment is important for bed & breakfasts to take advantage of as they create an online marketing strategy.  Improve your SEO strategy to remain visible on the search engine results page.

Optimize your website for mobile platforms, as many travelers are using their phones and tablets to research their next trip.


Planning Moments


Once an individual has decided to take their next trip, they almost immediately begin planning it themselves online.  Planning micro-moments that Bed & Breakfast operators need to be aware of include searches for hotel availability and prices, as well as searches for specific destinations.

Make sure that you improve your online visibility and use powerful images to represent your property.  Allow travelers to see the information they need as quickly as possible — including your rates, availability and booking button.


Moments of Booking


Data shows that most travelers are still most comfortable booking their stays at bed & breakfasts on their desktop, but an increasing number are becoming more open to mobile bookings.

Be prepared for both types of travelers at the ever-critical booking moment by using an online booking engine that supports mobile bookings.

A prominent ‘Book Now’ button should be displayed on each website page, and your reservation form should be short and simple to encourage quick and easy bookings.


Exploration Moments


It’s easy to focus on the travelers who are just creating their travel plans, but don’t forget about the ones who have already arrived in your destination.

Many people are becoming reliant on their mobile technology to discover discount rates at the last minute and to explore things to do once they arrive.

To attract these explorers, use mobile ad targeting to promote your same-day availability and offer promotional codes to encourage guests to book directly with you once they have arrived.

These micro-moments represent the most pivotal points in the online booking process. By identifying the micro-moments that your guests may encounter your brand, you can adapt your online marketing strategy and improve your conversion rates.


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