How to get more reservations via your B&B’s website *

Your B&B’s website is one of your most valuable assets. Not only is it the best place for you to promote your property and describe your amenities, but it is also a key location where you can earn the most revenue per booking.

Knowing the important role your website plays, it’s critical that you take the time to optimise it and maximise your direct bookings.

Here’s how to gain more direct bookings through your B&B website:

Simplify the online booking process

Your website visitors are not going to want to search the page endlessly to figure out how to book a room at your B&B, and they certainly aren’t going to want to spend more than a couple of minutes finalising their reservation.

The first step towards optimising your website and improving your direct booking conversion rate is to utilise an online booking system that includes simple forms and prominent ‘Book Now’ buttons. You should have a booking button on every landing page of your B&B’s website.

Prioritise visual elements

Your room descriptions and list of amenities will help your guests learn a little bit more about your B&B, but it’s the visual proof that will motivate them to book directly with you.

High-resolution photographs are a must. Consider creating a slideshow as a way to engage with your target market segment and show off your property.

Don’t forget about the power of video, and make sure you update and refresh your visual elements on a regular basis.

Transform your website into a local resource

Your website visitors will be more compelled to stay on your page if it offers them valuable and accurate information. Instead of simply being a place where people can learn about your property, design your website to be a local travel guide as well.

Your guests will appreciate having easy access to information about local dining, shopping, attractions and events.

Create landing pages with creative calls-to-action

Additional landing pages will help increase your online visibility, but each landing page needs to be both unique and informative. Switch up the calls-to-action as well. Don’t always say ‘Book your room now!’ Instead, try other phrases such as ‘Stay with us during your next visit’ or ‘Choose your room now’.

Implement a Responsive Web Design

A responsive website design is critical to staying relevant in today’s travel industry. Your website needs to be functional for both desktop and mobile users. Not only will a responsive website design be more appealing to your guests, but it will help you maintain your ranking on the search engine results page.

In order to create a B&B website that offers both functionality and value to your target market segment, you will want to partner with an online booking system that also includes a website designer tool.

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