How to use Facebook Messenger Ads For Your B&B *

Businesses can no longer deny the power and potential Facebook has for advertising their product or service.

Facebook has 2.07 billion monthly active users and is the most popular social media platform worldwide.  Facebook Messenger Ads are also changing the way businesses communicate with their customers. They are now able to speak with their customers on a personalized platform where they are already talking to friends, family and colleagues.

There are two ways that you can use Facebook messenger ads:

1. Using messenger as the ad destination

When you choose to use messenger as your destination, the ad can appear on the user’s newsfeed, Instagram feed, Facebook’s audience network and even the messenger homepage. This ad will have the call-to-action “send message” and once clicked will prompt the user to message your B&B directly on Facebook.

2. Selecting Facebook messenger as the platform for your ad

Destination ads can appear more personalized to the potential guest as it encourages the user the start a conversation with your B&B. There is an option to set up a welcome message that will greet users as they reach your messenger screen. You can also choose to set up quick feedback responses that will prompt users to make the response that you want them to make and eventually take the desired action.

Opting for Facebook messenger as the placement of your B&B’s ad means that your ad will only appear in the user’s messenger homepage. When clicked, this ad can link through to your B&B website.

B&B’s can get the most out of their ad campaign when they combine messenger as a destination and messenger as a placement. This means you will be directing users to message your page from all relevant ad placements including the Facebook messenger homepage.

Here’s How You Can Set Up Facebook Messenger Ads For Your B&B…

  1. Create a new ad campaign and select “messages” as an objective
  2. In placements select “automatic placements” or if you wish to edit your placement locations ensure that you select “messenger” as one of the options.
  3. Select your call-to-action. We recommend selecting “send message” so the audience knows what to expect when they click through your ad.
  4. Everything should be quite familiar if you have created a Facebook Ad before, except for the “text” section. Here is where you can set up your welcome message that will greet users as they go to message your page. Make sure you give the audience a reason to start a conversation.
  5. In this section you should then set up “quick responses”. This is where you prompt the audience to make the response that you want and take a desired action.
  6. Now you submit your ad creative that will prompt users to select “send message” in the first place. You can select your creative format such as a carousel, single image, single video or even slideshow. A carousel ad can be a great way to showcase your different room options or the different facilities at your hotel.

Further Tips For Your Ad Campaigns

  • Running split-tests on your ad campaigns can help you optimise results and maximize your budget. This involves changing one element of your ad and comparing results. You could change the targeting, image, copy or even placement location.
  • Welcome messages can be set up automatically to send a short text as soon as customers open a chat, an image and a text and even a video, or even link them to your website to encourage direct bookings. You can also set a few instant replies such as “I want to book” or “I want to learn more.”
  • If you are a little more advanced you can add personalised HTML code for chat-bots etc.
  • If you know when your target audience is likely to be active you also have the option of running your ads on a schedule. You can select the days and times when you want your ad to be delivered.

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