How Your Bed & Breakfast Can Stay Up to Date With Trends *

What is an innovative way for your bed & breakfast to maintain high occupancy rates?  By adopting new technology you can stay on top of current industry trends.

Forbes recently wrote about five of todays top travel trends.  Here’s how technology can be used on Forbes conclusions and give your B&B a competitive advantage.


1. The Rise of ‘Bleisure’ Travel

‘Bleisure’ means the fusion of business and leisure.  Companies today are allowing employees to merge their personal and business travel into an integrated experience.

Employees are often free to extend business travel, or bring their family with them.  This gives them the opportunity to enjoy their down time with loved ones rather than traveling in isolation.

Reaching this market benefits bed & breakfast occupancy rates.  Since ‘bleisure travel happens seven days a week rather than just weekends. Connecting to a global distribution system allows your B&B to connect with a network of travel agency professions and increases ‘Bleisure’ bookings.

Remember, convenience is key so be sure your B&B offers the following:

  • A direct booking process
  • High speed free W-Fi
  • Airport transportation service
  • In room amenities including desk, chair, hair dryer, ironing facilities, full length mirror.

2. Local Travel And Cultural Destinations

Unique travel experiences is what over 80% of millennials are looking for.  They believe the way to be enriched by a place is to live like the locals do.  They are seeking their next personal adventure but often don’t have the funds for extravagant trips.

This means more travelers are staying closer-to-home while still seeking cool, unique and affordable destinations.  As their innkeeper, you are their local expert.  They are eager to learn new things and broaden their understanding of the world, rather than just visiting tourist attractions.  Guess what, their adventures are documented on social media in real time.

Your online content needs to be engaging and advertise your local adventures if you want to attract these explorers.


3. Today Travelers Are Their Own Travel Agent

Todays adventurer doesn’t want to waste their time and energy visiting a travel agent.  Rather than talking about your travel plans.  It’s so much easier to type your dreams into a search engine to discover your next adventure.

A recent study found only 6.25% of adventurers would go to travel agencies to book their flights.  Travelers are doing it themselves.  This creates an opportunity to market through OTAs and search engines.  To succeed you must have an attractive, discoverable, and engaging website!


4. Ecotourism is rooted in ‘environmentalism’

People are more aware of their global carbon footprint when traveling.  Providing low impact and sustainable travel choices will give you a higher rating during the traveler’s decision process.

You have to embrace sustainability.  Replace your energy-sapping appliances and lighting.  Celebrate your bed & breakfasts sustainability efforts.  Recycling? Water saving?  EV charging?  Tell the world about all your ‘green practices’.


5. Cater to Solo Travelers

This solo traveler trend is increasing among women.  Traveling as a solo female has been made safer and more appealing though the introduction of new technology.

Staying alone at a large disconnected hotel chain screams loneliness.  While the intimate bed & breakfast experience engages your guest in your unique home-like accommodations.  

It’s easy to provide small touches like an afternoon tea to get your guests chatting and sharing their local adventures.  You can ensure that they won’t feel like lone wolves.

Here are some tips for attracting solo travelers:

  • Post pictures of your solo guests enjoying their stay on your social media and website.
  • Advertise your shared areas, activities or ‘family’ style meals
  • Organize and promote singles events, trivia anyone…



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