New Social Media Marketing Trends For Your Bed & Breakfast *

Social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, quickly became the most innovative and engaging platforms on the web.  Seemingly in moments, these sites became an integral part of our daily lives.  Travelers today use social media to discover new destinations, to connect with others and discover more about the places they might stay on their next trip.

Social media provides powerful Bed & Breakfast marketing channels, and can increase your website traffic that could boost your direct bookings.

Here we will examine some of the important current Bed & Breakfast social media trends that you can use at your property:


Increase Your Video Posting Frequency

Social media users, millennials in particular, are interested in video content rather than photo or text posts. Your short videos must be sweet and engaging.  Recapture the attention of your audience and be sure that your videos offer captions so users can absorb the content without volume.  Post relevant videos several times per week to stay on your prospective guests’ feeds.


Take Advantage of Live Streaming

Facebook Live and live streaming social platforms are sweeping through all of the widely-used networking sites.  Go live in the kitchen when you are making your latest homemade concoction, or offer a live glimpse into the peaceful patio on your property at sunset.  Allow users to experience your B&B from their screens, which will convince them to head to your website and book directly with you.  It’s the latest way to invite your guests to your B&B, and data shows that users are becoming increasingly reliant on this type of social content.


Offer Digital Payment Platforms On Your Social Networking Sites

Mobile wallet apps and social payment options are becoming increasingly prevalent, particularly in the travel industry.  Rather than clicking your website link from your Facebook profile to find your online booking form, users would prefer to click a simple “Book Now” button right from your Facebook page.  Integrate your online booking system with your social media profiles to take advantage of mobile payment options, and make sure that you are able to accept payments from secure mobile wallet apps.


Utilize Popular Messaging Apps

Social media is not just about discovering your property, it’s about communicating with you as an innkeeper.  Travelers expect that they can reach you instantly through messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger. Be ready to respond promptly, as your response time is recorded and displayed for other guests to see.


Personalize Your Social Content

Social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are constantly adapting their algorithms to keep the feeds relevant for their users.  They prioritize personalized content as well as visual content. Learn more about your target market segments, and create customized content for those specific groups to stay at the top of their feeds.

Your Bed & Breakfast marketing strategy must include social media.  B&B social media trends indicate that more travelers are relying on social networks to discover available properties, read reviews from guests and even book their rooms.


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