Should You Promote Your Destination Instead of Your B & B? *

Few of us have grown up without an iconic image pressed into our memory.  An image of a place that we feel compelled to visit.  It might be the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids in Egypt or countless other treasures around the globe.

Most travelers begin their next trip, guided by their daydreams about distant lands and exciting new destinations.  People are more likely to choose a place to visit before they select a Bed & Breakfast to stay at.  It may be time for you to consider creating a B & B destination marketing campaign.

Promoting your destination in addition to your property, helps drive more travelers to your area and simultaneously boost your business.


Should Your B & B Promote Your Destination?

No matter where your bed & breakfast is located, it may be desirable to focus part of your marketing to promote your destination.  You need more travelers visiting your destination if you hope to increase your properties bookings.

Promoting your destination may directly benefit your B & B, because it gives you the opportunity to work with other local tourism businesses.  Your shared goal to attract more travelers should boost revenue at each of your respective businesses.


How to Create a Destination Marketing Strategy?

We’re going to look here at some of the ways you can create a destination marketing strategy to help your Bed & Breakfast:

Create Engaging Content

A blog is a great way to complement your Bed & Breakfast website.  Your blog should tell stories focused on the destination rather than just your property.  Posts about unique excursions or fun things to do in the area create interest.  Highlight area businesses. Use your blog to build your brand and drive traffic to your website, capturing the attention of travelers who are searching for their next adventure.

Partner with Local Businesses And DMOs

Often you already have local destination marketing organizations creating national and international campaigns to promote your destination.  Partner with these DMOs, while creating packages partnering with local businesses that entice travelers to visit your area.

Generate Newsworthy Buzz

Send press releases to local, national and international media to promote the latest happenings in your area.  If there’s a big local event coming up, be sure that people know about it.  Create a press release about a new business partnership or travel opportunity.  Create news and let the media help promote your destination for you.


Will Your Efforts Make a Difference?

An influx of travelers in your region means that there will be more guests looking to book rooms at your property.  You have the chance to capture the attention of these travelers and encourage them to book directly with you.  In most cases, an effective destination marketing strategy increases your bookings and your revenue.

Focus your efforts on developing a Bed & Breakfast marketing strategy that highlights your properties features and amenities, but also promotes your destination as a wonderful place to visit with lots to do.

Regularly evaluate your plan and employ the best practices for the travel and tourism industry.  This is the only way to consistently earn more bookings for your property.


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