Staying Clean and Safe at The Addison on Amelia Island

As the coronavirus has temporarily brought daily life to a screeching halt and disrupted travel plans, we want to reassure future guests that The Addison on Amelia Island is clean, safe, and will open for business as soon as we are able.

As owners of our cozy bed-and-breakfast inn, Ron and I thought it would be a good idea to share our cleaning practices. While we usually are very thorough, we’re taking extra precautions these days to ensure our guests have a safe and healthy stay when they return to The Addison on Amelia Island.

How We Are Staying Clean and Safe at The Addison on Amelia Island

Before COVID-19 made its way to Florida, The Addison on Amelia Island always put the health and safety of our guests first, following a regular, rigorous cleaning and sanitizing method throughout the property. Now, we’ve stepped up our efforts even more.

We continue to follow our daily practices of sanitizing all china, glassware, and utensils with a commercial dishwasher/sanitizer used in the preparation and serving of breakfast and happy hour. When our guests sit down to enjoy a home-cooked meal, we want them to focus on the delicious food we’ve prepared. Ditto for the snacks and beverages we serve during our evening happy hour. Just like a restaurant, our bed-and-breakfast must follow the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation about cleaning and sanitizing china, glassware, and utensils, as well as food preparation and serving.

Common Areas

Throughout the rest of the property—in both interior and exterior common areas and individual guest rooms—we practice a regular cleaning schedule to ensure the health and safety of our guests. (If you haven’t stayed with us before, we invite you to take a virtual tour so you can see what our inn looks like inside and out.)

From the very first day that we opened the inn, we’ve had housekeepers on board to help us keep our bed and breakfast spic and span. Every day, we clean all glass tabletops before and after use, as well as all kitchen surfaces. Housekeepers also sanitize high-touch areas, including light switches, doorknobs, indoor and outdoor glass tabletops, faucets, and anything that a hand will touch in a guest room and common area.

Guest Rooms

Housekeepers (with guests’ permission) refresh guest rooms daily, making the bed, providing clean towels if requested, emptying trash and recyclables, and cleaning bathrooms. Upon departure, all bed linens and towels are removed and replaced with fresh linens and towels. All furniture surfaces are cleaned and sanitized, glassware is removed and replaced with clean, sanitized glassware, trash and recyclables are emptied, the bathroom is cleaned and sanitized, and floors are vacuumed, mopped, and sanitized. As with daily cleaning, all surfaces that come in contact with guests, staff, or visitor hands are cleaned and sanitized. 

A Periodic “Deep Clean”

Periodically throughout the year (minimum of twice a year), we “deep clean” each guest room and common area. All bedding, including liquid-repellent mattress covers (bladders), pillow bladders, and pillow protectors are removed and cleaned, as well as shower curtains and liners. We flip the mattresses and vacuum and polish the bed rails. We polish all furniture, clean glass tabletops, ceiling fans, dresser drawers, armoires, and vacuum all baseboards. Additionally, bathrooms are sanitized, jetted tubs and showers are cleaned, and outdoor cushions and chairs are vacuumed. All floors are vacuumed, mopped, and sanitized. Rugs are vacuumed, and steam cleaned. Windows and window sills in the courtyard rooms are cleaned, and window blinds are vacuumed and cleaned. As with routine cleaning, all surfaces that come into contact with hands are sanitized.

Please keep in mind that, while The Addison on Amelia is your home away from home, Ron and I live here full-time. This is our home. We want to stay safe and healthy, too. Ron and I are taking the coronavirus very seriously, for our sake as well as yours. We would never put our guests and staff at risk, and we would never put our own health and safety at risk.

Adhere to the “shelter at home” orders, practice social distancing, maintain a healthy diet and exercise program, so we overcome this and have you back as our guests. In the meantime, please think about buying a gift certificate for a future visit for yourself or loved ones. Call us at (904) 277-1604 or visit our website to purchase an Addison on Amelia Island gift certificate. A gift certificate to The Addison on Amelia Island doesn’t expire. It will also give you something to look forward to after we can all return to a normal life following this pandemic. Plus, it will help support us as small business owners. Ron and I would really love to see you!

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