The Difference Between Guests and Luxury Guests at Your B&B *

Each and every guest who books a room at your Bed & Breakfast is unique. Their interests and desires translate into a variety of needs during their stay.  Here we are going to look at the differences between average guests and luxury guests.

Luxury guests have higher expectations for their accommodations, with specific property features and amenities on their required list.  if you understand the difference between average and luxury guests, you can adapt your marketing strategy accordingly.


What Average B & B Guests Are Searching For

A common misconception about average guests is that they are more focused on money instead of experiences.  These guests are motivated to book because of a great deal or an awesome promo code.  That doesn’t mean that they don’t value customer service and the experience your B&B can provide.  They are looking for lodgings with great ambiance and amenities for a fair price.


What Luxury B & B Guests Are Searching For

Luxury customers differ from average guests in several distinct ways.  First, they are not primarily driven by deals and low room rates.  Instead, they are willing and able to pay more for a premier experience.  Luxury guests are more likely to plan their getaways in advance, and are less likely to rely on mobile devices to complete their bookings.  They often search for a Bed & Breakfast destination that offers personalized service and lavish features.  They prefer a more private and exclusive experience, and they are willing to spend more to get it.


Should Your B & B Cater to Luxury Guests?

You need to appeal to different traveler segments, but luxury guest bookings have particular advantages.  Luxury guests bring in more revenue per booking, because of their willingness to pay more for premium amenities and upgrades during their stay.  Also, luxury guests who are impressed and satisfied with your property are likely to return for another visit.

By making the effort to appeal to luxury guests, you improve your reputation in the travel industry and boost your brand recognition among the most motivated travelers in the market.

The ability to identify the different types of guests that stay at your property is very important. Being able to adjust your features and amenities, gives you the opportunity to attract travelers from all types of market segments.

You should focus on creating a B & B marketing strategy that appeals to budget-friendly travelers as well as luxury travelers who aren’t as concerned with what they spend.

This allows you to maximize your bookings and increase your brand recognition among the most motivated travelers in the market.


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