What are guests looking for from their vacation? *

For most guests, their holiday is a time to get away, relax and indulge in life’s simple pleasures and luxuries.

As a hotel operator, you need to prioritize the guest experience and understand what hotel amenities they are looking for during their holiday stay. When you optimize the holiday experience, you will see a boost in customer loyalty and an increase in repeat bookings.

What Are Some Common Guest Requirements?

Each individual guest will have their own preferences and desires when they book a holiday, but these are some common requests across various market segments:

  • Tech Features
    Travelers are becoming increasingly reliant on their preferred tech devices. Whether they travel with their tablet in-hand or they are constantly connected to their smartphone, they likely will be looking for a small hotel with charging stations, free WiFi and other tech features that make it convenient to use their devices.
  • Convenient Online Packages
    According to an Omnico survey, 90% of US and UK travelers want to pre-book comprehensive vacation packages. Design packages at your hotel that include dinner and transportation or tours.
  • Comfortable, Practical Room Amenities
    For some guests, simply having the basics available improves their holiday experience. Room amenities such as bed linens, tissues, mirrors, games, hair dryer and ironing board allow them to minimize their packing and feel at home when they arrive.
  • Experience Options
    Travelers today are looking for authentic experiences. You can improve the holiday experience at your small hotel by offering unique options, such as cooking lessons with your chef or gardening experiences with the landscaper.

What Can Small Hotels Do To Find Out What Guests Want?

Staying in touch with your guests and striving to engage with your target market is the best way to understand what your guests are looking for out of their next holiday experience.

Collect contact information, such as email addresses, and launch an email marketing campaign with a survey about hotel features and hotel amenities.

Launch a social media campaign designed to engage guests and increase the number of followers that you have.

Solicit online feedback from your guests to better understand the guest experience at your hotel.

Why Is It Important For Hotel Revenue?

By learning more about the guest experience at your hotel and what your guests want out of a holiday experience, you can modify your hotel features to increase direct bookings and return stays. These valuable bookings allow you to generate more revenue for your property and to continue to grow your hotel into the future.

Appealing to leisure travelers is a critical part of attracting your target market at a bed and breakfast or small hotel.

The features that you offer will directly impact whether or not guests opt to stay at your small property.

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