What Do Your Guests Really Care About During Their Stay? *

As technology transforms our lives, lodging around the globe is taking the opportunity to adopt technology into their rooms and operations.

This technology impresses the guests who stay at these properties, but it adds convenience while improving the guest experience like never before in the hotel industry.

At Seattle’s Hotel 1000 in Seattle electronic doorbells have been installed in guest rooms that scan the room, using thermal technology and register if a guest is present.  Because housekeeping can identify someone in the room, they don’t to make the “housekeeping” knock on the door interrupting your peaceful vacation morning!

At Yotel in New York City, a premier suite features a luxurious king-sized bed that rotates toward the panoramic window in the morning, giving guests amazing views of the Big Apple’s skyline.  If guests prefer a show or movie, they can stream their favorite content on the techno walls in the room.

While these are certainly impressive technological feats, they obviously are not possible for every hotel.  However, even as a bed & breakfast, there are tech advancements that you can implement.  Here’s what the average guest is looking for from new guest room technology:

  • Interactive TV — Many guests expect to feel like home to them while they are away.  This means that they like to relax with TV at some point during their stay.  Interactive TVs with streaming capabilities and program guides are a necessary component for your guest experience.
  • Text Messaging Services — Automated text messages provide details about guest stays or the ability to check-in and check-out via text message are becoming common.  Guests love the convenience of text messaging, and Millennials in particular prefer these services.
  • Mobile apps — By designing a mobile app for your property, you allow guests to control and customize their experience. Mobile apps can provide a local guide to the area, the ability to order room service or the ability to communicate with hotel staff.
  • Charging stations and outlets — Travelers always pack their smart phones and tablets, and rely on them heavily.  You should provide charging outlets in your guest rooms, but also create charging station areas in common locations on your property.  Guests need to be able to charge their devices while lounging, socializing or waiting for their next excursion.


Technology plays an important role in the travel experience, in hotels, motels and bed and breakfast properties.  To learn more about the technology options that can improve your small hotel and to keep up-to-date on industry trends, subscribe to our blog today.


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