Which Social Media Performs Best for Your Bed & Breakfast *

Some social networking sites have stood the test of time, others seem to go through trends much like viral videos that eventually fade into relative obscurity.

Which social media platforms are best to use as part of your social media marketing strategy?  How can you maximize your social media promotion efforts and succeed on those sites.

Which are the top social networking sites now

  • Facebook

Facebook set the standard for what a social networking site should be.  It’s not surprising that it’s still the foundation of most digital marketing strategies.

Currently, Facebook has billions of users, worldwide.  Many users are engaged, and post frequently about their travels and adventures, both at home and abroad.

  • YouTube

YouTube is particularly popular among the youngest users.  Engaging videos capture, and keep, the attention of site visitors.  Video is a great medium for broadcasting a destination, property, or brand promotion.

  • Instagram

An image-centric social platform, Instagram is rising in popularity for people of all ages.  It’s become one of the most widely used platforms due to its simple style, ease of use, and attractive aesthetic.

  • Qzone

Qzone is the leading social networking site in China, where users have been connecting with one another since 2005.  Given the fact that China boasts one of the largest outbound traveller markets, it’s important not to ignore this social platform.

  • Weibo

This is yet another powerful Chinese social networking site, in which many users complete the majority of their daily tasks and responsibilities. It provides a nearly seamless experience between real life and the social network.

Use these sites to improve your B&B’s social media strategy

It’s important to follow these three rules when choosing which platforms to utilise for your B&B social media strategy:

  • Develop a presence on the platforms that are popular among your target market segments

If you have increased numbers of Chinese travelers staying at your B&B, you want to utilize those Chinese social networking sites.  Be where your most motivated travellers are hanging out online.

  • No matter which platform you use, offer valuable and engaging content

Photos and videos are the most engaging and interactive content that you can offer, so try to include them as much as possible. Always show off your B&B in the best possible light.

  • Remember that every post needs to reflect the purpose and goals of your brand

Ensure that your marketing has a consistent voice in all of your social posts, and there should be a social guide for staff members to reference when posting online.

Social media marketing plays an integral role in the global travel industry, as an increasing number of travellers are relying on social feeds to make important decisions about their next travel experience.


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