Why New Technology Makes Life Easier At Your B&B P

Many small hotels worry that implementing new technology will inhibit aspects of guest personalization that they are so passionate to deliver. But in reality, this is not the case.

The very purpose of technology is to increase human productivity. 78% of global hotel leaders believe technology will have the biggest transformational impact on their business in the next five years.

Technology can (and should) act as an assistant to every B&B manager, helping them through their day-to-day by offloading heavy administrative tasks and ensure they can dedicate time to making their guests happy.

Using new technology can make life much easier at your B&B. Here’s what you need to know…

Manage Your Hotel Anywhere At Anytime With Cloud Technology

‘The Cloud’ isn’t just some corporate technology reserved for big businesses and leaked celebrity photos. It is a useful tool for storing and accessing data and programs over the internet, rather than on a local hard drive.

By using cloud technology hoteliers can keep software, tools and hotel processes in one centralized location that can be accessed from a mobile phone, tablet or desktop, at anytime with one login.

This saves money by removing the need for someone to be behind reception all day, and also ensures your data is constantly backed up for safekeeping.

Here are some cloud based technologies that will keep your B&B ahead:

Property Management System

With a cloud based PMS you can stop worrying about double bookings knowing that your room rates and availability are instantly updated on your website and across all of your connected booking channels.

Booking engine for your website

Guests can reserve their room and process their payment in one convenient and secure location with bookings integrating automatically into your PMS.

Channel manager

Allows you to update your live rates and availability and eliminates double bookings through a pooled inventory method. All your rooms are available on all channels, but are updated automatically.

Use Text Messaging To Communicate With Your Guests

More than half of travelers are now using their mobile to source information about hotels, with mobile phones now the #1 item to bring on holiday.

This means utilizing mobile will literally put communication with guests at your fingertips. Text Messages are highly effective as 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of reaching the recipient. It also means that you can reply to any questions straight away.

The following are great messages to light up your guests phone:

  • Greetings and feedback – Send welcome, thank you and goodbye messages throughout your guests’ stay. After departure give them a buzz asking for a review, with a clear link to your TripAdvisor or alternative pages.
  • Exclusive deals for loyal guests – For example; “We loved having you stay with us! Please enjoy 10% off your next booking”.
  • Reservation confirmations – Send an automated booking confirmation code, this is very handy for guests to check their reservation when they’re without internet.
  • Additional information – Cover any questions guests might have; Where can the guest park? What’s on in the area? How do they check-in/check-out?
  • Room service orders – Rather than struggle to clarify over the phone this can be a simpler way for guests to make requests from the comfort of their room.

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