Why persistence is key when it comes to B&B marketing *

In all likelihood, a potential guest is not going to book a stay at your property after stumbling upon your B&B website for the first time.

Most travellers are going to do significant research online before they ultimately decide on where they want to stay, so you need to be both patient and persistent.

Here’s what your property can do to create an effective and persistent marketing strategy…

Develop a remarketing strategy

A remarketing strategy makes persistence the most critical component of the plan. With a remarketing strategy, you design a marketing campaign that will continue to remind your site visitors that they have unfinished business with your brand. A pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is the most common example of remarketing.

With a PPC campaign, you will select high-powered keywords to market your rooms and amenities to prospective guests who have stopped by your website without finalising their booking.

For example, you may launch a PPC campaign that offers 5% off for booking via your website. The ads will appear on the Google search results page or the Facebook newsfeed of those who have previously visited your B&B’s website.

PPC campaigns are known for being an affordable marketing strategy that generate favourable results.

Use automatic emails to stay in touch with your guests

Encourage both past guests and as well as prospective guests to stay engaged with your brand by signing up for automatic emails. These emails should be sent out at least several times a month, and will serve as a great reminder of all that your B&B has to offer.

Make sure that your automatic emails offer value to your database of customers. You may want to consider sending out a monthly email newsletter that discusses the latest news about your B&B and your local destination.

You also will want to use automatic emails to distribute exclusive discounts and promotions. This persistence will help you stay connected with your guests and will likely increase your direct bookings over time.

Encourage site visitors to connect with your brand socially

When an interested traveller finds your B&B website through the search engine results page, give them every reason to stay connected with you.

Make sure that you prominently display your links to your social pages, including your Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts.

When a traveller starts following you on Instagram, they are going to be reminded of all that you have to offer through your perfectly filtered photos and exclusive offers that are available through your Instagram page.

It’s an easy way to engage your guests and to be persistent with your marketing.

Developing a dynamic marketing strategy is key to increasing your visibility online and attracting your target market for your B&B.

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