Why SEO Is So Valuable For Your Bed and Breakfast P

Search engine optimisation is essential for every business because it informs search engines that the information on your site is the most relevant to the user, drawing more organic traffic to your website by ranking your B&B higher up on results pages.

Travelers browsing the web for accommodation rarely go very deep into their search results. In fact, 91% of searchers do not even click past the first page, and over 50% don’t look past the first three results.

Improving your B&B’s SEO by using powerful and relevant keywords is invaluable for small business because it is a tool that can be utilised no matter how small your available resources or budget may be.

When done properly, SEO can even have a better return on investment than traditional, and far more expensive, forms of marketing like television and printed ads.

Here is why SEO is one of the most valuable methods for advertising your B&B…

1. SEO Builds Brand Awareness And Helps Establish Your Business As Credible

Your customers inherently trust search engine results and the algorithms used to catagorize information. Over the years people have been conditioned to believe that the information Google presents at the top of their results is the best and most valid answer to their question.

This is important considering customers don’t make their final decision from one search. They may plan their holiday over a number of days, searching several different keywords for accommodation, activities and other important information related to your area.

So, if your website is properly optimised you will appear in customers searches over and over and will improve your visibility and credibility in the customer’s eyes.

Potential guests will become familiar with your name and sooner or later they’re likely to click through, look around, and possibly make a booking.

2. SEO Increases Traffic To Your Website

The more traffic visiting your website, the more you increase your chances of securing direct, commision free, bookings.

Customers that visit your website organically through search engines are usually the most valuable. This is because they were already searching for what you are offering and are actively seeking your business. This is why SEO has one of the best ROIs, you are marketing to people who very interested which means you don’t have to convince them that they need to book a room, you just need to convince them they should book your rooms!

3. SEO Gives Great Insights Into Your Target Market

With Google Analytics your B&B can find out very detailed information about the guests you are looking to reach. You can find out what they are browsing, their native language, the region they live in, the times when they are most engaged etc. This is very valuable information that B&B’s can use across many different areas of their marketing strategy.
If you are a beginner when it comes to Google Analytics, you can find a helpful introductory course online here.

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