Why Staying at The Addison on Amelia Island Is a Safe Choice

The Future of Travel

Leisure travel is on hold for now while we band together to “flatten the curve” of the pandemic. We’re all yearning to travel and, soon enough, we’ll be able to. In the meantime, many are asking what traveling will look like in our post-pandemic world? And what needs will have to be met in terms of travel safety?

Not surprisingly, travel industry experts predict that people will choose to drive to their destinations instead of flying once restrictions are lifted. Still wary about coronavirus, many people aren’t yet ready to stand in long security lines at crowded airports or sit close to others on a packed flight. This is welcome news here at The Addison on Amelia Island, since most of our guests do drive here when they stay with us.

Also, travelers will want to stay somewhere they’ve been before. They find comfort in knowing the property, the hosts, the area, and the food. Again, great news for our past guests who have stayed at The Addison. They’ve eaten a homemade breakfast at our dining room table, asked us for our recommendations of what to do on Amelia Island, and shared a glass of wine with us during our inn’s nightly social hour. We’re like old friends!

Why B&Bs Are a Safe Lodging Choice

I recently participated in a conference call with the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association to keep abreast of the latest industry news and the impact of COVID-19 on Florida travel. The experts shared that they think bed and breakfast inns will have a distinct advantage because our properties are smaller compared to big hotels. Plus, with B&Bs, guests won’t be standing in long lines of people checking in. They won’t be walking down long hallways where they could come in close contact with dozens of other guests on the same floor. And they won’t be packed into elevators trying to get down to the lobby from the sixth floor. Bigger isn’t always better, especially with post-pandemic travel.

Why Staying at The Addison Is Especially Safe

Ron and I believe The Addison on Amelia Island is at an even greater advantage than most B&Bs because of our property’s unique layout. Of our 14 guest rooms, nine have private entries, three have private porches, and seven have private outdoor sitting areas. You can have your own secluded getaway with private access!

If you prefer in-room dining for breakfast, we can accommodate this special request, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful weather and our lovely courtyard. Takeout meals can also be accommodated with the sitting areas on our private porches or directly adjacent to your room.

While we typically love to see guests socializing with one another, we’re also aware that times are different right now. Therefore, we’ve adjusted our dining tables on the verandah and in the dining room to provide six-foot social distancing.

We’ve always been responsive to guest requests–perhaps even more so these days when it comes to safety concerns. If there’s something that would make you feel safer during your stay, please let us know. For example, we plan to provide small refrigerators in a couple of guest rooms and stock them with snacks and beverages so guests don’t have to come to the dining room.

Another plus of staying at The Addison on Amelia Island? We’re a member of Select Registry, which was part of our inn’s transformation over the last few years. Known as the industry’s quality seal of approval since 1972, Select Registry membership means we submitted to a 250-point checklist as part of the evaluation process. Many of the member approval criteria focused on cleanliness, and our guests consistently compliment us on this aspect of our B&B.

Our Inn’s Cleaning Practices

Speaking of cleaning, we recently wrote a lengthy blog post detailing our inn’s cleaning practices. Throughout our entire property, we’ve always followed a consistent, rigorous daily cleaning and sanitizing routine. We’ve stepped up our efforts even more, especially with our linens, furniture, and high-touch surfaces in common areas and guest rooms. Plus, our periodic “deep clean” takes our level of cleanliness up a notch, as we tackle chores like cleaning ceiling fans, flipping mattresses, vacuuming baseboards, washing windows, blinds, and drapes, and steam-cleaning rugs. We want to reassure guests that The Addison on Amelia Island offers a clean, safe lodging choice when they’re ready to travel again.

For reassurance, we’ll be placing a note in each room indicating when the last guest checked out, what we did to clean and sanitize the room, and the date it was completed. Again, it’s just a small thing, one you won’t find at big hotels. But we add these personal touches at The Addison because we want guests to feel safe and comfortable during their stay with us.

Plan Your Staycation on Amelia Island

With, you might be thinking about planning your next trip–but wanting to stay closer to home. Please know that, as soon as we’re able, The Addison on Amelia Island will reopen for business and would love to host you during this challenging time. For the latest COVID-19 information for Amelia Island, visit Amelia Island Tourist Development Council website.

In the meantime, cure your cabin fever and get inspired by exploring all that Amelia Island has to offer. Plan your trip itinerary! Whether it’s biking through the Historic District of Fernandina Beach, spending time in nature, golfing, strolling along the beach, or eating at one of our island’s fabulous restaurants.

If you’d like to book a room or have any questions about an upcoming stay, please call us at (904) 277-1604 or purchase an Addison on Amelia Island gift certificate.

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