Why you need to be aware of the Facebook path to purchase *

In the B&B industry, there’s a lot of talk about the online booking journey and what steps you can take to improve direct booking conversions through your website.

However, it’s important to consider traveller behaviour on social networking sites, such as Facebook. Travellers use Facebook to get inspiration for their upcoming trips, to research their options and even to book their stays.

Understanding the traveller path to purchase on your B&B Facebook page allows you to effectively market your property to your target market segments.

What is the traveller path to purchase on Facebook?

The traveller path to purchase on Facebook is generally thought to have four components:

  1. Becoming aware of a brand they may be interested in booking for their next trip.
  2. Researching the Facebook page for photos, reviews and other information that may be useful in their decision.
  3. Finalising the reservation through the Facebook booking button.
  4. Continuing to interact with a brand even after the travel experience is complete.

By recognising and understanding how users utilise Facebook when it comes to planning their trips, you can create a social media strategy that not only generates buzz about your B&B, but also allows you to boost your bookings.

Tips for adjusting your B&B social media strategy to accommodate the funnel

  • Create a clear, consistent voice for your brand

Focus your efforts on developing brand identity with your target travellers. Make sure your staff know what should be said and how it should be said when posting on social platforms. Capture the attention of your target market before they begin planning their trip, as less than 10% of travellers know where they want to stay when they begin the planning process.

  • Always post useful information and accurate content

This will provide your travellers with more insight into what you have to offer. Highlight unique aspects of your B&B through photos, videos and Facebook Live posts. Try to engage with past, present and future travellers on all of your posts.

  • Make sure that you use an online booking system that can connect to Facebook

You need to be able to accept reservations directly from your B&B Facebook page. Look for technology solutions that can integrate directly with your Facebook page, allowing for an efficient and seamless booking process.

  • Monitor the conversation after guests have stayed with you

Nearly 75% of all travellers post pictures from their trips to their social pages. Create a brand hashtag that they can use when they post their photos, and use this social proof to further promote your B&B. Social media allows your guests to do a lot of the marketing for you, as long as give them the tools to do so!

Like all social platforms, Facebook is constantly rolling out new features and algorithms that can impact the traveller path to purchase. B&B operators need to stay on top of the latest information, so that they can adjust their B&B social media strategy accordingly.

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