IAA Bed & Breakfast Association

Growing Your Business Using Our Community Digital Marketing Strategy

The IAA Bed & Breakfast Association helps new customers find your business.  You can START TODAY FOR FREE by either claiming your business listing on our site or you can create your new business listing.

What is the IAA Bed & Breakfast Association? 


The IAA Bed & Breakfast Association is a key component of the International Association Alliance’s (IAA) community of associations, organizations, businesses and individuals that provides your business with access to new customers who are looking for your business and the products or services that you provide.


Business association memberships help you build your brand awareness, while increasing your brand’s credibility.  This helps you to “close the deal” with new customers.


The IAA Bed & Breakfast Association helps establish the bed and breakfast community business standards that help attract independent businesses to become members.  These independent businesses understand the value of being part of an industry group that provides credibility and helps them build their brand. 


See how easy and inexpensive it is for your business to use the power of multiple association memberships to build your business.  Instead of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year, your IAA membership allows you to join the associations whose membership will benefit your business, all for one low membership investment.

Why IAA membership is an investment in your business!




IAA membership is a small investment with big rewards and includes membership in our growing number of business associations which include:

 IAA Bar, Pub & Tavern Association

 IAA Bed & Breakfast Association

 IAA Better Business Alliance

 IAA Boutique, Shop & Store Association

 IAA Brewery, Cidery & Distillery Association

 IAA Café, Diner & Restaurant Association

 IAA Farm & Ranch Stay Association

 IAA Global Green Alliance

 IAA Green Business Alliance

 IAA Guide, Outfitter & Tour Association

 IAA Limousine & Coach Association

 IAA Mall, Market & Outlet Association

 IAA Spa & Wellness Association

 IAA Vineyard & Winery Association

 IAA Wedding Association



Instead of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year, your IAA membership allows you to join the associations whose membership will benefit your business, all for one low membership investment.


Do you care about people and the environment? 


What kind of business do you think your customers want to do business with?  Customers today are looking for businesses that help people and protect the environment.  To address this need, your membership also includes membership in Accessibility International and Sustainability International.

Why IAA membership is important for your business.


When it comes to your business, everything you do on the Internet is done to get your business noticed.  You hope that your website, and social media accounts will attract attention and help someone to become your customer.


The Internet is a great place to market your business, but the competition is fierce.  Do you get frustrated knowing that your small business has to compete for customers with huge global companies? 


Because you are working with limited resources, you have to provide even more paths for your business to be discovered by new customers.  And when they find you, you have to quickly give them good reasons why they should entrust you with their business. 


Please, if you want more new customers to find your business, learn how the International Association Alliance can help your business connect with those customers.  You have to be creative with your marketing, giving potential customers unique ways to find your business.


When a potential new customer searches for your business, they use a search engine, either Google, Bing, Yahoo, or one of the others.   Google is the most prominent search and two of Google’s top-ranking factors for any website are BACKLINKS, and CONTENT.  


Your Social Media accounts are a great example of how you are building your content and building backlinks to your business content.  You can easily multiply this effect by engaging on IAA’s industry Social Media Groups that will enhance your brand’s web exposure.

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